Focusrite Control 2802

1970s Soundcraft Series II



ATC Loudspeakers SCM45A Pro, M & K MPS1611P, Yamaha NS10m (powered by Adyton amp), KRK 10s Sub and Behritone 5C



Beyer DT100 x 4, Beyer DT770M, KRK 8400 x 2, Sony MD7506, AKG V6HP Headphone amp

Undertone Audio MPEQ-1



High specced 8 Core Mac Pro running Avid Pro Tools 2018 and Logic Pro X with wide selection of plugins

including Universal Audio PCIe system with many UAD plugins, Slate Digital Everything Bundle, Soundtoys 5 collection, Kush Complete, Sly-Fi, Eventide Ensemble, McDsp, Empirical Labs Arousor, Sonnox, Wavesfactory, Audiority, Sonarworks and many more plugins and Virtual Instruments.



Burl B2 Bomber, Fully integrated 32 I/O Focurite Rednet system over Dante Network.


Beyerdynamic M55

Cascade Fathead II Ribbons (w/ Lundahl) x 2

ADK Condensers x 2 (Matched pair)

Vintage AKG D12

Telefunken M80

Telefunken TD-7

Telefunken TD-21

Shure Unidyne III (1970s)

Shure SM57 x 4

Granelli Audio Labs Right Angled SM57

Shure SM58 x 4

Shure Beta SM58 x 2

H & H Electret EM-103L

Funkberater MD30-2

PZM Plate Microphones x 2

Soupcan Mic

Pepper Pot Harmonica Mic

Modified GPO telephone mic

1968 Neumann U87i

RCA Type 74-B Junior Velocity Ribbon Mic

1970s Neumann KM84 SDC’s (Stereo Pair)

Audio Technica ATM23 x2

Audio Technica ATM25 x2

Aston Spirit Condenser

Advanced Audio CM54 SDC

Vintage AKG D19

Coles/STC 4021c (Ball and Biscuit)

AKG D190e

AKG D130

Beyerdynamic M88 TG

Beyerdynamic M201 TG

Beyerdynamic M64N

Vintage Beyerdynamic M260N Ribbon x 2

Beyerdynamic Opus 65

Beyerdynamic M81

Subkick speaker/microphone

Audio Technica ATM33a


Focusrite ISA220

Focusrite ISAONE

Focusrite Rednet 32 I/O Dante system

2 x Neve 1073 DPA

UAD 2-610 Tube preamps

UnderToneAudio MPEQ-1 Preamps

C2802 Console pre's

Focusrite ISA828



AKG BX-5 Stereo Spring Reverb

JHS Spring Reverb

Lexicon PCM91

Yamaha SPX990

Yamaha SPX90

Roland Dimension D

Melos Tape Delay

Vermona E2010 Graphic EQ (1980s)

Dolby 361 'A-type Cat 22' Noise Reduction Unit

Aphex Aural Exciter 104 Type C2

Vintage Roland Chorus Echo RE501 Tape Delay

P.E.P Timetrack Bucket Brigade Delay

Vintage UREI 1176LN Rev F Compressor

Focusrite Red 3 Stereo Compressor

Control 2802 SSL style Stereo Compressor

Vintage DBX 160 VU Compressors x2 (1970s)

2 x Empirical Labs Distressors (1 EL8 & 1 EL8X w/Brit Mod)

DBX 160A Compressor

LA610 preamp + LA2A tube compressor

Focusrite ISA220 EQ and Compressor channel strip

UnderToneAudio MPEQ-1 x2

Valley People Dynamite Dual Compressor Limiter Expander Gate

Shure Level-Loc Limiter

1960s EMT 140 Plate Reverb


Focusrite Red 3 Stereo Compressor


Juketone Blue Blood (5e3 Tweed Deluxe clone)

Fender Princeton Reverb ('68 Silverface)

Fender Princeton Reverb ('65 Blackface)

Fender Vibrolux Reverb

Selmer Treble and Bass 50 Vintage Head

Fender Pro-Junior

VHT Pitbull

Super Minstrel combo


Ampeg SVT w/ cab

Fender Champion 600 modded to 50s tweed circuit

Leslie 3300 rotary speaker

4x10" Cabinet

Jet City Jetstream ISO12 Iso-Cab

Fal Doppler Chorus 100

Smokey 1W Amp

Blackstar HT5

Pinhole Amps

Extensive collection of boutique guitar pedals and gizmos including EHX Hog, Mel9, SuperEgo + Soul Preacher. Darkglass, Strymon Timeline, AnalogMan, Origin Effects, JHS (Pollinator, Superbolt and Pulp and Peel), MXR Carbon Copy + Phase 90, ProCo Rat, T-Rex, Way Huge, Fulltone Full Drive 3, Neunaber Immerse, Barber Gain Changer, Electro-Harmonix, Visual Sound, Sansamp and many handmade pedals, Ebows, and much more!

Wide selection of Effects Pedals at PSS


Nord Stage 2 ext

Roland VK8

Hand pump Harmonium and Pedal Harmonium

Casiotone 301

Suzuki Omnichord



1930s B.Squier Upright Piano

1930s Broadwood Upright Piano

Yamaha CP-80

Fender Rhodes

Hammond H-112

Korg MS2000

Roland Juno 106

Novation Ultranova

Korg MS2000


Mahalo Uke

Lap Steel

Teisco Del Ray

Fender Precision Bass

Yamaha Hollow Body w/Bigsby

1950s Hohner Jazzer

Fender Tenor Banjo

Martin Acoustic

'Beefy' Partscaster w/ Creamery humbuckers and Bigsby

Fender Jaguar w/ StayTrem bridge

Italia 12 String

Epiphone Les Paul

Farida D52e Dreadnought Acoustic

Fender PM-2 Acoustic

Washburn Augusta Acoustic

JourneyMan 3/4 Size (Hi-Strung)

Gibson 335

Guitars at Pinhole Sound Studio


1970s Ludwig Acrolite 14x5 Snare

High Wood Custom Snare

1950s Beverley International Series 14x5 Snare

1940s 20" Marching Bass Drum

1964 Ludwig Super Classic 3 piece

(22" Kick, 13" + 16" Toms)

Gretsch Maple New Classic 3 piece

(22" Kick, 12" + 16" Toms)

1940s RCA 74b over the Ludwig Super Classic