Affordable recording in the heart of Manchester CIty Centre

Welcome to Pinhole Sound Studio

Pinhole Sound Studio is a hybrid analogue and digital recording studio in the heart of Manchester City Centre, founded by Recordist and Mix Engineer Adam P. Gorman and Producer Jo Dudderidge of The Travelling Band. Services include band and solo-artist production, recording, mixing (both attended and online), overdubbing, voice-overs and more. Make use of our extensive collection of equipment from across the ages, including original pieces such as an original EMT 140 plate reverb, DBX 160VU's, Urei 1176 Rev E, an AKG BX5 Spring Reverb, a Roland RE501 Chorus Tape Echo, modern outboard from Undertone Audio and Focusrite, AEA Big Ribbon and Neumann Condenser microphones as well as many more and a large collection of instruments all available to use on your session. Get in touch with your requirements and details of your project here.

We are fully equipped for live tracking and mixdown with a a Focusrite C2802 console and our large collection of modern and vintage microphones and pre-amps for recording, We use up to 32 track analogue summing to integrate many high-end analogue outboard pieces during mixdown, before analogue to digital conversion through a Burl B2 Bomber. With a newly installed live room we can meet all your recording requirements. Check out our equipment list here to browse what we have available for both recording and mix-down, including microphones, instruments and outboard recording equipment. Get in touch with details of the project you are planning here, and we can help you to make it happen. Head to our discogs page here to have a listen to our work.


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